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In the Midst of it all

Kimora Reddick, ago

It's oddly unfamiliar and kind of hard to explain, how do I put this? I woke up and I was in a new environment. Mom always told me that the future would hold something exceptional, but sometimes I [+]

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Quarantine Musings

Adrienne Showalter, ago

For as long as I remember, in the middle of winter I would always dream of the beach and the ocean. Always in that vision, the sky was a brilliant blue, a cerulean blue. The clouds were there [+]

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The Great Respite

Joanne Landau, ago

Stuck inside, fearing what’s out there
Don’t touch, don’t breathe, don’t cough, don’t sneeze
Six feet apart from you
A path ahead
Walking among the trees I [+]

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A New Day

Donna Gonzalez Fiedler, ago

Morning sunlight streams through the standard bearers of time,

Illuminating a new day with shadows of the past —

Frozen yet melting, like the newly fallen snow.

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A Day in the Life of a Plant

Rachel Gornstein, ago

I wake up and the sky is a beautiful blue
The sun shines over me but I don't have a clue What this feeling of warmth and happiness is But I like it, and I like what it gives.
My [+]

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Sunset in the Meadow

Kathy D. Hrenko, ago

The sun was sliding lower in the sky as sunset approached. Glorious when the wind moved the clouds away, casting brilliance upon the sunflowers and goldenrod. Sunglow, my favorite color in the [+]

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A Family of Mushrooms

Jamie Cooperstein, ago

Living amongst a world of endless concrete in Center City I didn’t expect to find a wild mushroom colony on the walk home from preschool. Over the summer, my 3.5 year old daughter and I discovered [+]

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For Trees in Winter

Catherine Pilling, ago

I like trees best
In the wintertime.
When the stark cold
Rids them of their leaves,
Rendering them bare,
Naked to the world.
When the branches and [+]

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The Nature of Bodies

Leorah McGinnis, ago

“Um, does this kid have a snorkel?” I whispered in alarm as Allison and I watched the family trudge up the path to our hot spring. We already shared the pool with a smattering of other people and [+]

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They said our life is in our own hands
They said our destiny is defined by our present actions
They said they will be there for me and together “we” will move on
They said with positivity [+]