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The Plover


Piping Plovers are very cute. They got their name by their "peep-lo!" call. Piping Plovers will sometimes extend one foot into wet sand and vibrate it to get food. Piping Plovers are endangered. Thei [+]

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The Way the Wind Blows

Taherin Chowdhury, ago

The leaves are turning red, orange, yellow, and brown.
The winds are getting stronger and colder.
The way the wind is blowing,
The leaves are falling.
This brings some joy,
This [+]

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“Glad you can finally see my office,” said professor Smith, opening the door for his brother. He led Maxwell into the open space, and then scampered across the floor to open the window [+]

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Tell the Bees She’s Gone

Nicole Trezza, ago

Little bees little bees the Mistress is dead
Please do not leave us in this time of distress
With black drapes on your hive and a knock on your door
Will you stay with us for one season [+]

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On a day like any other in Abuja, I lie fast asleep under my cotton-flavored blankets. It is only 5:00 pm when my mum interrupts my slumber of magical dreams dragging me from underneath. I had not [+]

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Light peeks through the stain glass window in front of our small crawl-space attic, creating rainbows on the walls in our living room. I stand at the front door overlooking the sunlit street that [+]

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PSU New beginnings
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I stare at the sky and all of its colors and shades, lights and darks, reds and yellows within its deep blue. The sun elongates the shadows created by my body and my black ‘77 Trans-Am parked on [+]