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My feet splashed in the puddles leftover from the downpour earlier. My sneakers soaked up the muddy water. I couldn't see my feet clearly, but I could definitely feel the water seeping in between my [+]

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As you know, I taught 8th grade history at the prestigious boarding school, Spirit Academy. Which doesn’t have many spirits. I spent most of my free time either in class, or in the teacher’s [+]

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It’s raining, which means he’s here.
His visits are sporadic as they are attempts to escape the rain.
I can’t deny him or turn him away, in fact I can’t move.
He enters while [+]

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It Started with Thunder

Steph Prizhitomsky, ago

It started with the thunder. The low grumble, as if from a ferocious animal, crept up on the castle, slowly and softly until it erupted with such vigor that it shook the teacups on their china [+]

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Only in that instant did I remember what happened during a sleepover when I was a girl. Clad in rainbow star pajamas to match her name, Celeste shared that she had heard that if we twirled around [+]

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PSU Brunchin' Around
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“I’m thinking of a number between one and fifty. You get three tries to guess what it is.”
“Ugh, I hate guessing games! I’m not a mind reader, you know?” It’s a good thing you [+]

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PSU For the Love of the Game
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Leaves crunch beneath my feet and bare tree branches strike my cheeks as I push myself through the woods. My breath comes in quick, shallow pants, my lungs burning with each breath I force myself to [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU For the Love of the Game