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It’s raining, which means he’s here.
His visits are sporadic as they are attempts to escape the rain.
I can’t deny him or turn him away, in fact I can’t move.
He enters while [+]

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Only in that instant did I remember what happened during a sleepover when I was a girl. Clad in rainbow star pajamas to match her name, Celeste shared that she had heard that if we twirled around [+]

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PSU Brunchin' Around
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“I’m thinking of a number between one and fifty. You get three tries to guess what it is.”
“Ugh, I hate guessing games! I’m not a mind reader, you know?” It’s a good thing you [+]

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PSU For the Love of the Game
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Leaves crunch beneath my feet and bare tree branches strike my cheeks as I push myself through the woods. My breath comes in quick, shallow pants, my lungs burning with each breath I force myself to [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU For the Love of the Game
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Content warning: This story contains references to sexual assault.
The streets are always live during the day. People are in every corner trynna get what they can beggin for money or hittin on [+]

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The leaves pull at your feet with a playful child's grip. The door holds your hand with a lover's urgency. The card reader clicks with a parent's chiding tone.
But you must go back. You've [+]

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PSU Lost and found
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In the depths of his room
Illuminated by the twilight sky
A child laid in their room
Idly watching the seasons pass by.
The boy stayed trapped,
Buried over the years
Suffocating [+]

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I stood over his sleeping body, knife in one hand and ring on the other. Today is our 3rd anniversary but it always felt like a funeral. It's funny how smiles always mask cries. When I first met him [+]

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He finishes his drink, and briefly makes eye contact with the man across from him at the table. He excuses himself and stands, giving a stiff nod to the men at the table as they continue thei [+]