April Showers Bring May Flowers

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The April showers cleansed our world completely. Like bleach, everything was disinfected. Nothing remained except for a sense of anticipation for the early morning dew, and the reintroduction of life back into a still world that laid dormant during the harsh winter months. We held our breaths, as the clouds seemed to part a little bit knowing that once they did, like the spring months bring new life, so would we begin our lives as we looked ahead to what lies after we leave these halls trekked by thousands before us.
As clouds dissipated so did our worries as we wondered what this Spring would bring. Would it be a sense of accomplishment, as each of us graduated after four long years of hard-fought grades and endless tears that we shed along the way? Would it be sunny days spent lounged out by the old bell tower, watching life pass us by idly as if we had all the time in the world to make a decision about who we wanted to be? Maybe it would be spent in the library, taking one last look at shelves upon shelves of words once thought, hoping that we could write something so profound. Or perhaps it would be taking one last walk around campus, trying to soak up everything before the moment is gone forever as we begin to anticipate the end of our journey.
Thousands of us hold our breath as the rain pours down, waiting for it to end and for our lives to begin. Though we are always going to be one team, connected by circumstance and location, as April showers flow into May flowers, we leap from what we once knew into a life filled with adventure and possibilities. We are ready to begin something we had only dreamed of before, hoping that what we learned here is enough to get us there. Forever hoping to hope, until we try to turn our hopes into reality.


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