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A spindle, a princess, and a kiss. With a prick of her finger upon a spindle, the princess aurora fell into a deep slumber. Laid gently onto the the comforter like a cloud, she rested, and rested, and rested. Till a kiss suddenly awoke her. She batted her eyes open to find the handsome prince Phillip.
"Oh, Phillip!" She softly exclaimed through a small smile.
The prince opened his arms wide to embrace the princess, an empty grin across his cheeks. Aurora sluggishly reached up for him and laid into his chest, holding him tight.
"How long have I been asleep?"
She looked over his shoulder to peer out the window, seeing a gloomy kingdom before her. It must've been raining, since the curse was said to banish the darkness once lifted. A chill rushed up her spine, maybe the trees had grown? The land looked...different. Her hand held his cold back, seeming to be chilly from the breeze. She heard no music, no trumpets, no celebration, what had changed? Maybe it was late, maybe everyone was asleep."It must be dusk.." she spoke softly "We should wake my mother and father, they'll be elated when they see I've woken!"
Phillip gently pulled himself from their embrace, offering her a kind smile and holding her frail hands. "I'm not sure I can walk, help me up?" she asked. Phillip nodded and slowly scooped her up in his arms, lifting her with ease."Thank you Phillip, I must have made such a dent in the bed having been there so long-"
And then it stopped, all thoughts stopped once she looked down at the bed. Lying there was a rotting mass, the bedsheets covered in ash and dead maggots. The white fragments of bone peeked out of the shriveled black skin above. Her eyes shot wide open, her mouth gaped and hands trembling. "What...what is that..."
With her in his arms, Phillip leaned down to pick up an old shriveled piece of pink fabric from below the mass. She shakily took it from his hand and held it, and realized the shade of the fabric to be the same as her gown. Aurora lept out of his arms, scurrying to the window and looking out to see hundreds of transparent figures aimlessly roaming the streets. She looked up and saw the vines had grown so tall they'd towered above the entire kingdom like a dome. Now that she though about it, Phillip wasn't entirely opaque and he was rather chilling. "Phillip?" She called softly.
She turned back to him to see no one in the room, nothing but a spindle.


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Image of Abigail Haworth
Abigail Haworth · ago
I'm so curious what's happening here! Dare I ask for more explanation? I would love to find out what happens next! Either way, great creepy story!