Cartoline dalla Toscana -- A Postcard from Tuscany

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Rolling hills

tanned and weathered,

like the skin of the farmers

working in the fields in the distance,
surrounded by wheat

Beside perfectly contoured lines
of tomato, onion, carrot, and white
kidney bean crops,

and buffalos munching on grass
in the pasture, where

the land is flat and smooth

The olive oil infused breeze anointed me
with the heavenly mixture

of lavender and freshly
harvested pistachios

The sandstone balcony
warmed my arms

as I study

the vineyard
where freshly picked
grapes are crushed

under the feet of old men
with grey beards

Their wives sitting

at a mahogany table
beside the crumbling
stone house, shaping
pasta with their fingertips

The thicket

of olive trees guided
my eyes through
the forest,

where wild boars
and deer

search hopelessly
for truffles

Beyond the trees,

the land is embraced
by Monte Amiata,
where the heavens
meet the earth.


Image of Through the Woods


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