Midway in the Journey of Life

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The little worker ant resting on a sunflower contemplated all of the different decisions possible
And for this reason could not seem to choose
Due to understanding that decision is the eliminator of all that is probable.

Hours passed and the little ant still did not know what to do
After spending an entire evening trying to rationalize and ascribe meaning
The little ant refused to cast a decision after such meticulous review.

The moonlight shined on the little ant sleeping on the sunflower
Who dreamt of swimming in a sea of infinite possibilities.
In one life the little ant worked as a guard for the queen in the royal tower

In another life the little ant had started a family.
The ant dreamt of another life
But it was cut short due to being awakened early

By the colony in order to mindlessly work all day and night
Until the weekend arrived.
"There has to be more to life"

Thought the little ant as the workday slowly passed by.
Already past the halfway mark
The little ant yearned to do something meaningful in this life.

"Well, I can't become a royal guard" the little ant remarked
"I cannot start a family either... I am just a worker"
Exclaimed the little ant and quickly went back to work

Collecting food for the colony with all the others
Which would be given to the ants in the military and of royalty
Leaving what was left to be fought amongst the workers.

"Us worker ants need to establish unity...
We outnumber the rest of the ants in the hierarchy"
Whispered the little ant quietly.

The little ant now had to confront all of the various possibilities
Two stuck out: continue life as is and accept the status quo
Or fight for a cause that is worthy.

After spending half a lifetime always contemplating the little ant finally knew what to do
Immediately, the little ant tried to convince the worker ants.
"This is just the way things are... this is all we know"

The workers replied in a somber chant.
Disheartened, the little ant went back to work
Days later, the little ant again tried to convince the worker ants.

"This is just the way things are... this is all we know"
Said the workers again.
The little ant was left in a state of sorrow.

Three weeks passed and nothing had changed.
Nine butterflies suddenly emerged over the colony
The flapping of their wings blew all of the food collected by the workers away.

Consequently, the workers had nothing, and the rest had plenty to eat
Once again, the little ant tried to convince the workers to unite.
This time they all listened to the little ant eagerly.

"We outnumber the rest of the ants in the hierarchy,
Without us there would be no colony
And yet we have no say in what goes on and we live at the whim of the monarchy."

Said the little ant triumphantly.
The worker ants now gathered in unity
Went on a strike to seize the opportunity.

Quickly, there was a noticeable decline in the community.
The monarchy had to acquiesce to the demands of the worker ants
By distributing the hoarded food equally instead of manufacturing scarcity,

Improving the living conditions and dismantling the current system
For one where every ant is proportionally represented.
The little ant was glad the butterflies had chosen to flap their wings

It was in that moment that the little ant truly understood the impact of every little decision
The little ant understood every action carries immense importance
And that every path is the right path.

Everything could have been anything else
And it would still have just as much meaning.
The worker ants finally achieved their success.

So, the little ant went back to the sunflower to sleep
Under a peach-colored sky
And woke up to a world better than any dream could ever be.


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