One Wave; One Destiny

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Gasping for air, Lily kept swimming to a large rock sitting in the middle of the Makena Point waters. Her arms burned with exhaustion, but with the Great White following close behind her, she kept on going. "Oh no," she exclaimed as she quickly looked behind her, only to be faced with the scarred fin coming closer and closer. Swimming faster than she had before, she finally made it to the rock but not before she felt her leg inside the monstrous mouth of the shark. Her yells became muffled as she was dragged down into the depths of the ocean. Trying to break free, Lily kicked her free leg against the shark's face, and thankfully it was enough for the shark to let her injured leg go.

She swam as fast as she could to the surface, pulled herself up on the rock, and screamed at the top of her lungs. "HELP!" but only silence was returned. She peeked at her leg, but soon regretted it as the sight of blood trickled down her foot. Catching her breath, Lily laid back on the rock and closed her eyes. "I need to think." She wondered how she could have gotten to this point in her life. She was a bit too careless when it came to surfing, especially since it left her feeling charged and adventurous.

With her leg bleeding tremendously, a feeling of uncertainty about if she would make it had struck Lily. She had not lived the life she had wished to fulfill. She had not had a boyfriend, a first kiss, her dream wedding, or worse; she had not traveled around the world like she wanted so desperately to. However, only one thing stayed consistent in Lily's mind as she slipped away into pure misery: her mother and little brother. How could she leave the two? After Lily's father had passed two years ago, her mother had not fully recovered. Lily did not dare to wish that same agony upon her once again. She must try to stop the bleeding, but how? The only thing she had with her was the wetsuit she wore and her necklace. "I've got an idea," Lily declared aloud. She can tear a piece of her wetsuit and tie the fabric to her bleeding foot. For now, it may stop the ongoing bleeding. She took her moon necklace, which had a sharp edge, and proceeded to cut a piece of fabric near her arm. She had to tie the fabric ever so tightly to her injured foot. Lily screamed in complete anguish. After she performed what she needed to do, the pain and blood had caused Lily to faint.

"Lily, you are home! You must play our game with me. I have missed you terribly." Lily gasped for air as she had awoken abruptly from a dream. A dream that reminisced a past memory Lily and her little brother once shared. Growing up, Lily and her family did not have much fortune, but they had each other and that was enough. So, since Lily and her brother, Kai, could never buy any toys as kids, they would use a coconut. It was a Hawaiian game called Hot Coconut that Lily and Kai would play. They would sit around in a circle passing around a coconut with Hawaiian music playing. Once the music came to a stop, whoever held the coconut lost. It was their favorite game.

Lily looked up at the stars and wondered about fate and what it had in store for her. Would she make it out alive? Will she see her beloved family again? There was no way of knowing. Lily felt water roll down her cheeks and thought it was starting to rain but in truth, the water was coming from her brown eyes. She was left stranded on a grayish boulder in the middle of the bluest Hawaiian water to be seen, and yet, there is no sign of any boats or lighthouses. As Lily grew hungry and her mouth became drier from the salt-filled air, she began to panic. The shock and reality started to kick in as she stared endlessly into the sea. Whatever will she do?

As the sun started to rise, declaring a new day, Lily peered down into the water to look for any fish she may be able to catch. As she had found one swimming around the lonesome rock, she went to pick it up but not before a seabird snatched the fish right beneath her hand. Lily had watched the seabird take its place alongside the rock she resided on and ate her fish. Once the seabird had finished its meal, it looked at Lily. "What are you looking at?" Lily was beyond furious but still hungry. She put her hand back into the cold, but refreshing water to get another fish to eat, but as she did, that familiar fin had appeared once again. "Come on, where is the fish?" Lily was about to give up until she felt that familiar feeling of scaly, smooth skin.

Luckily, Lily had enough time to grab the fish and tear her hand away from the treacherous water before the shark came closer. She stayed still on the gigantic rock, waiting for the shark to swim away. After about 5 minutes or so, with no shark in sight, Lily tore open the fish and ate. Lily was appalled by eating raw fish, but she had no other option, so it had sufficed. With a full stomach, Lily must think of an escape plan. She wanted nothing more than to see her mother and brother's faces again. Lily tries to recall how she had gotten this far from shore. Only one thing stuck out to her: a wave. The biggest wave she had ever seen in all of Maui. She remembered swimming towards the massive wave and then being swept underneath it.
Since her surfboard was broken in half by the shark, she has not seen her board since. Meaning, she has nothing. And nothingness was not going to get her home.

Lily then remembered a saying her mother used to say, "E Koa Li'ili'i, even if you have to pretend to be." Feeling fearless, Lily stood up on her uninjured foot. She glanced around the borders of the rock to see if the shark was hiding. After waiting for about 10 minutes, and seeing no sign of the fin, she attempted to get back into the crystal blue water. But to Lily's surprise, the Great White emerged to the surface. Crying in pain, she pulled herself back onto the rock. "I am going to die here, aren't I?" While that unnatural thought filled her mind, she refused to let this be the last chapter of her story. This will not be her fate.

Lily glided into the water and started to swim towards the shore. She looked behind her, only to find that familiar gray fin stalking her once more. She knew she was not getting out of this alive unless a miracle happened. She tried swimming faster and faster, but her legs gave out. As the shore finally was in the distance, there was no more she could do besides dealing with defeat. Maybe this was her fate; her destiny. As she closed her eyes and waited for her last breath to take place, she heard a familiar sound; a wave. She quickly opened her eyes to find that massive wave she had seen before, coming directly towards her. This was her miracle. She believed her father was looking out for her. The wave came closer and in no time, it swept her up, and carried her to shore. She was ecstatic to feel the grainy sand underneath her body once again.

Laying still, Lily felt utterly weak to stand up due to thirst, hunger, and her injury but she could hear yelling behind the palm trees. She tried to muster out words, but none came out. She had not had a drop of fresh water for about 2 days. Had she really made it this far to just give up? Lily, determined, dragged her body across the sand and made her way to the trees. Once she made it, she ever so gently muttered out a "Help" in hopes someone would hear. 5 minutes passed by, and with no response, Lily could no longer fight for her eyes to stay open from blood loss and exhaustion. As she gave up and closed her eyes, she heard a familiar voice. "Lily? Is that you? HELP!" Lily's brother had found his sister's unconscious, but alive body. An object appeared in his hand; a single coconut. There were multiple ones along the trail that led him to find Lily. Fate, as it seemed, challenged Lily. But only for her to come out even stronger.


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