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I’m continually amazed at the wonders of nature and in this part of the world the passing of the seasons is astounding.  The temperature, the amount of daylight, and the types of precipitation help us identify the season we are in.  Sounds also help us identify the seasons.

The crunching of the leaves as we walk is a give-away for fall.  The hush after a large snowfall is the telltale sound of winter. The chirping sounds of a bird signal spring while crickets are the sounds of summer.

I know others that feel color is the most obvious way to tell the different seasons. In the winter, white is the definite color while in the spring we have the blossoming of flowers and the budding of trees to fill the world with color. And summer is the color of green. The green grass the leaves of the trees are all a vibrant green. Colorful hues return again with the leaves changing in a sign of fall.

Some use the battle between light and dark as a way to view the seasons. The day with the longest amount of sunlight highlights summer and the day with least amount of daylight signifies winter.  The time between the shortest day of sunlight and the longest day of sunlight with an equal amount of both light and dark identifies spring.  As we move from the longest day of sunlight to the shortest day of sunlight with, once again, an equal amount of light and dark we identify fall.

The temperature of the wind blowing on our faces also help us identify the passing seasons.  The frigid and bone chilling blasts signify the winter season.  While the warming breezes of spring mean the ending of the grips of winter.   These warm breezes turn into the stifling heat and times of no breezes in the hot summer.  We then feel the chilly and frosty winds indicating the fall season.

And to many, the tastes or types of food demonstrate the season.  What would summer be without our backyard barbecues?  As we move into fall, ginger snaps begin to show up along with pumpkin-flavored drinks. The trimmings of the holidays mark the winter season.  And as the earth renews once again in the spring, we have the bountiful offerings of vegetables from our home gardens.

So, how is it that you enjoy the wonders of nature and the passing of the seasons?


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