The Forgotten Voice

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In the depths of his room
Illuminated by the twilight sky
A child laid in their room
Idly watching the seasons pass by.

The boy stayed trapped,
Buried over the years
Suffocating beneath a blanket
Of his deepest, darkest fears.

A decade he was silent
Only reaching out to his brother
Everything seemed so different
After the death of his mother.

He didn’t have any motivation
He was constantly paranoid
Once an optimistic dreamer
Now a lifeless void

As the child lay there
Stuck in his bed
A timid voice called out
Echoing in his head

The voice pleaded to the boy
Grab anything that you can find
Put it on a piece of paper
And start to speak your mind.

The boy hesitated
But at the age of ten
He shambled to the drawer
And took out a pen.

After finding a notebook
With nobody else in sight
He put the pen to the paper
Beginning to write.

The ink began to flow
Detailing a short story
Of a little boy and his mother
At the theater watching Toy Story

As the pen continued on
Tears rolled down his face
The more he put down
The faster their pace.

As the story concluded
The boy sat on his own
But at this moment in time
He did not feel alone

The boy savored the moment,
The ephemeral feeling of calm
For up in the heavens
Watched the little boy’s mom

In the depths of his room
Illuminated by the twilight sky
A child began to move on
But he still wondered, why?


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