The Garden of the Earth

Aidan Hearn

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The gates were opened so many years ago
To the Garden of the Earth.
The lock was broken and the gates flew open
The sun walked into the garden for the first time.

He drew a square on the ground and planted tiny seeds
The tiniest sprouts popped up but soon they grew.
And grew
Soon stalks that were colored like chocolate grew.
With their leaves changing from grass-like to lemon-like to strawberry-like
These stalks were the Sun’s work, they were his achievement.

He created another bed.
Drew a line in the dirt.
One with flesh colored seeds.
They took a while to grow.
And one day for a particularly bad storm, some of the seeds were knocked out of the bed and scattered everywhere
Most of the seeds were recovered by the Sun, but they grew their own way.

Some grew wings
Some grew stripes
Some grew dots
Some grew with different colors
They all became vegetables, unique in their own way.
Squashes and cucumbers, zucchinis and tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.

Later, after the Sun became bored with the vegetables he created a new bed
"This one would be for fruits”, he thought.
He planted the flesh-colored seeds.
But the seeds were infested with

When the Sun planted the seeds, he did not know this
These seeds themselves died, but the bugs remained.

Sadly, some bugs came in and cut down the trees with their tiny chainsaws and equipment
With their tiny guns and traps, they slaughtered the veggies.
All for power and greed
And there was nothing the sun could do.

He came out one day and saw some stalks bent and crooked.
Vegetables lying down from the plants stem,
Sitting and rotting with a hole through it
The fruit nowhere to be seen.

This struggle goes on every day.
For every week
For every month
For every year
And it is not as it seems.

The stalks, plants.
The vegetables, animals.
And the bugs, humans.
Us humans kill the animals and destroy the plants all for power and money.
And this garden,
The Earth.

But there is something you can do.

When a bug cuts down a stalk, make a new bed and plant a new stalk
When a bug destroys a vegetable, raise awareness about that vegetable.

It has been a long time since the Garden of the Earth has had its gates opened for the first time
The gates newly painted and gleaming
The soil fresh.
Now, the gates are rusted and dull from the daily struggle of humans versus other nature.

If we continue this,
The gates will be no more, as well as the garden
The dead stalks and vegetables slowly decaying like corpses till their seeds show.

But if we stop the onslaught,
The garden gates will be shiny as glass.
Vegetables slowly changing into different colors, types, and forms.
The stalks growing higher, and filling in spots where humans cut down the trees.

I see a garden.
And two clear paths.
Let’s hope us humans can become the fruit, not the bugs.
And choose the clear and correct path.


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