The Journey for the Last Carton of Eggs.

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Little Timmy was a simple boy. He did what all boys do. He loves to play video games and makes sure to get his weekly cootie shot. He always deals with his bully Jimmy Dungworth the cool kid at Sunsets School for Boys. It’s the best private elementary school in the whole state. Little Timmy’s life seems simple, but its about to get crazy.
The day began like every Saturday. Little Timmy slept until 9:00 he woke to the scent of freshly cooked eggs. He rushed down the stairs in his pajamas to eat some of those juicy eggs. Little Timmy scarfed down the eggs like his life depended on it.
“I want more more eggs!” Little Timmy shouted
“Well, we’re all out of eggs,” his mother replied
“Get me some more then!” Little Timmy replied demanding
“Well if you want more eggs get them yourself!!!” she then threw money at Little Timmy
“Fine I will!!!” He he rushed out the door
Little Timmy grabbed his bike with his trusty training wheels and started heading to the dreaded grocery store where the sacred eggs lived. He peddled for 5 live long days, not breaking for anything, just riding. Little Timmy made it to the Grocery store. He searched far and wide but couldn’t find the eggs until he saw his neighbor Andrew. Andrew told Little Timmy that he has to go through the cold foods section.
Little Timmy reached the entrance to the dreaded cold foods section. Little Timmy walked 2 miles through the aisle. All he felt was the cold breeze of the freezers near him. Frozen peas clouded his eyes from where he was headed, but that couldn’t stop him from making it through. Finally he made it to the last carton of eggs. Little Timmy grabbed it, and he felt the Styrofoam holder of his precious eggs. Little Timmy nearly cried of joy knowing he made it to his delicious eggs.
Little Timmy rushed to the register. He slammed the eggs onto the register and the cashier scanned it.
“Will that be all sir?”
“Yes.” Little Timmy replied
“That will be 2.96.”
Little Timmy rummages through his pocket for the cash his mom gave him, and hands him the cash. “Keep the change” Little Timmy said as he walked out with his eggs victorious. (Little did Timmy know he just gave that cashier 97 bucks). Little Timmy rode home as quick as he could but he got stopped when he passed Jimmy's turf, the jungle jim.
“Well if it isn’t Little Timmy.” Jimmy roared
“Not now Jimmy.”
“Fine I’ll just take your eggs and leave.” Jimmy grabbed Timmy’s eggs
Jimmy threw Timmy’s delicious eggs onto the dirt floor. Little Timmy hears a loud crack as the eggs hit the ground. Some of the yoke landed in Little Timmy’s mouth, and he tastes the heaven he is about to lose. Little Timmy witnessed the most terrifying thing in his entire life. All he could see was cracked egg shells all over the ground. The air filled with the smell of eggs. Little Timmy lost the one thing he cared about. He spent days on this ride and it was all for nothing. Little Timmy was at a loss all he could do now was ride home. Little Timmy rode home after the shock of losing his eggs wore off. While Timmy was riding home he realized his mom has a hard job taking care of him so he shouldn’t make it harder with a small thing like eggs.
He entered his home and walks up right to his mom and says “I’m Sorry” his mother replied “I forgive you. Now, give me my change.” Little Timmy realized he gave all the money to the cashier.


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