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“So, is friday a date then?”
Come one come all, see the wonder and fright that lies within this tent
‘Yeah, i think it is’
I duck through the makeshift door
I am shocked by the sights sounds and smells that await me

I am enamored by the atmosphere
I nervously ask to join the performers
They ask us to join their circus
I learn the tricks and practice with you
We have our own act at the end of the show

I jump from my trapeze, reaching out for your arms
‘I think i’m in love with you’
Your arms grab hold of mine
“I love you too”
The crowd ignites, roaring applause for the daring feat

We launch ourselves from one side of the ring to the other
Flying in perfect unison
Our faces beam as spotlights as the crowd yells out for us

We tackle every town
We see sights and learn new stunts to dazzle the audience
You tease me for being frightened of the lions
We share popcorn and cotton candy every night

We start a new performance
Flying in sync, never missing a beat, our arms locked in harmony
Then, on opposite sides of the ring,
“We need to break up”
My hand slips from the bar
“This isn’t working anymore”
I drop, my body weightless as the crowd goes silent
I remain in free fall for a year
I see you, outside the ring, facing the crowd
Facing away from me
I try to remember when you stepped out of the ring
I can’t find the memory
My breath leaves my lungs

I land in the rope netting
My friends pull me from the center of the ring
Bruised, scraped, and shaken, but whole

I join a different circus
I design new performances
I light rings on fire and jump through them
The lions don’t scare me anymore
I forget what it feels like to jump to your arms

Turns out I never needed you to fly


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