Was it Fate?

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I am told that strung between the stars is our mortal fate.
I am told that the stars are sewn with you, Fate.
Obdurate and inexorable. Unrelenting and unbending.
Where are you suspended?
Do you delineate and officiate as stars are born?
Do you condense with the bok globule?
Do you mingle with the interstellar medium?
Do you fuse with the hydrogen and the helium?
Do you ride on the shoulders of the red and blue giants?
Do you whisper with the white and brown dwarfs?

I have a bone to pick with you, Fate.
I have a bone for you to pick, Fate.
Pick clean this rotting corpse of my shame.
Pick it clean, unrecognizable, skeletal.
Tell me it was meant to be, Fate.
Tell me there was nothing I could do.
Tell me everything is predetermined by you, Fate.
Tell me it was fate.
It was fate.


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Image of Abigail Haworth
Abigail Haworth · ago
Okay I know this is the second time I'm commenting on this but aaaaaaaaah this is so good I love it so much. I love everything about outer space, the questions at the beginning, the mystery of the ending. It's very good.
Image of Abigail Haworth
Abigail Haworth · ago
Very interesting! Multifaceted and mysterious