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Trees planted tall with purpose. The night was as strong as a bull. And a lively forest clustered with fireflies and animals. One animal lay the bear, who had just made his rounds from snow-white and [+]

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I turned back to look at my friends. The four of them jeered at me, then one of them yelled, "Come on, we don't have all night!" I faced forward and flicked the flashlight on. As the night filled with [+]

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"Say there, Donkey, where are you headed?" It was cold to be out traveling. Nonetheless alone. It caught Dog off guard, some old donkey trudging alone, eyes straight ahead, each step a routine. Hell [+]

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Sharon Schaefer, ago


Lovingly The Rose of Sharon
Sharon Bee

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Another day of work, another day of nothing. He tunes out the world as he drives back to his so-called home, more like a cage to him than even his office. But once he settles down, he realizes he [+]

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The stars were mere pinpricks of silver light dotting the dark canvas of the night sky. These ancient sentinels stood steadfast in their guard over the sleeping Earth, seeing all but rarely [+]

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Averell Saint-Delaire does not often think back on childhood fondly. His memories up until the age of 12 can only be described as lonely. As the child of the town’s most prestigious family, he spent [+]

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PSU A Night at the Circus
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“Be careful going out,” we tell each of our daughters. “The freak show is in town.”
The snake charmers will think you one of their beasts.
The strongmen will toss and rip you [+]