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The Old Knight's Last Stand

Matthew Rhudy, ago

The old knight awoke with a ringing in his ears and a burning in his throat. As he opened his eyes, they were flooded with bright blue lights through a haze of smoke. Still in a daze, he groped [+]

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A Hunter of Beasts

Nicholas Kopp, ago

“Luck shines on us t’day, boys! Wrangle the bastard to that tree. I want’a watch the killer squirm ‘fore I gut ‘im and slice ‘im up like he did Holan!”
The brisk morning ai [+]

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Chivalry’s Not Dead

Brooke A. Chiappetta, ago

After five years in the business, Arlo still couldn’t get used to the incessant banging sound that came with being the only blacksmith west of Harmony River.
He never meant to take over the [+]

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Being Created is Painful

Matthew Yoder, ago

Being created is painful. As I lay there, thinking my very first thoughts, trying to see through the red haze that was my vision, I felt rough hands grab me and set me into a square room, with thin [+]

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The King's Shadow

Connor Burkhart, ago

There was a death, a fortnight ago. A noble with an army of paid mercenaries at his back, all gone in one night. Yet, no one heard the clashing of blades or the cries of combat. Some say it was a [+]

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Steel Heart

Gabi Fernandes, ago

His heart is made of steel. I could touch it if I wish. But do I? 
As if he can read my thoughts, Talus turns under the sheets, his eyes sliding open. I try to look at his nose, but the [+]

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The Green

Althea Mae Hutchinson, ago

She slows to a stop, her breaths ragged and sharp in a way that seems like it would hurt. She checks behind her, once, twice, before collapsing on the ground. Her eyes close for a moment, and then [+]

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Jaemi Hammond, ago

Hiking over the leftover rubble from the calming storm was tiring, and as disastrous as the storm that had finished its tirade about three hours ago. Grunts and moans from the heat and hunge [+]

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Nature in the Future

Alyssa Bobb, ago

Transmission Received.
This is a transmission coming to you from the year 2119.
 The world in which humans live in is now swimming in deserts and is plagued with heat. Climate change had [+]