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Matthew Yoder, ago

Pick struggled to lift himself off the ground, the most recent blow stinging like a sunspot on the side of his face. As he got his arms under him and lifted himself to his knees, a booted foot came [+]

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Mentioning of Time

Jaxon Dierker, ago

Year 15,286
And I stood there, peering out beyond to a land not seen by any but myself, crossing between what was fiction and what was reality, my memories. My life flashed before me, and a [+]

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A Test of Chivalry

Matthew Rhudy, ago

I always struggled with the thought of myself as a knight. Yet here I stood, facing my first true test of chivalry. The monsters descended upon the maiden, who cried out in distress. I pictured [+]

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Princess Penelope and the Terrible Dragon

Tessa Eberlein, ago

Penelope doodled in her sketchbook by the light of her bedside table lamp. It was a Saturday evening, and she’d rather be spending the time with her friends, but she was currently on house arrest [+]

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Alyssa's Drawing Pad

Matthew Rhudy, ago

“Don’t stay up too late!” Alyssa’s mother called out as her footsteps faded down the hallway. Alyssa barely acknowledged her mother’s request. She sat quietly at her desk, concentrating on [+]

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Heart of the Phoenix

Matthew Rhudy, ago

The wind whistled through the trees as Serena trudged through the deep snow, one painful step at a time. The cold had already numbed her toes, and now it was biting at her ankles through her boots [+]

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Originating Dragons

Anonymous, ago

Dragon lore...tells that Earth and the planets were formed from the vomit of the celestial Draco, whose fiery breath then lit the stars and blew all things into their whirling paths.
Hazard [+]

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Stephen Pepper, ago

The night was cold, calm and stars that glistened over the kingdom were being admired by a girl sitting by a windowsill. “Dinner is ready little one.” called an old man cooking over a fire that [+]

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The Old Knight's Last Stand

Matthew Rhudy, ago

The old knight awoke with a ringing in his ears and a burning in his throat. As he opened his eyes, they were flooded with bright blue lights through a haze of smoke. Still in a daze, he groped [+]

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A Hunter of Beasts

Nicholas Kopp, ago

“Luck shines on us t’day, boys! Wrangle the bastard to that tree. I want’a watch the killer squirm ‘fore I gut ‘im and slice ‘im up like he did Holan!”
The brisk morning ai [+]

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Chivalry’s Not Dead

Brooke A. Chiappetta, ago

After five years in the business, Arlo still couldn’t get used to the incessant banging sound that came with being the only blacksmith west of Harmony River.
He never meant to take over the [+]