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The cheery yellow wallpaper seemed more dour lately- less like a quaint dandelion field and more like the pallid hue of a dying man’s cheeks. The lights always flickered and there was this infernal [+]

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“Gemma, are you nearly ready?”
“Coming, mom. Just give me a second.” The reflection staring back at me in my vanity is a bland young woman with minimal makeup, nicely braided hair, and pearl [+]

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“You saw it too, didn’t ya Nick,” Erika asked.
“Yeah, I saw it all. The dead body, the engraved pentagram on its back, the horrified students watching. All of it. But I didn’t see you [+]

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Waking in a cold sweat is nothing new. He always does that to me. His presence stifles me in my sleep. For now, he is not here, and so I throw off the scratchy covers, my slick back meeting the cool [+]