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Do you ever wake up, but hesitate to open your eyes for just a second? I find myself more and more often despairing at the thought of opening my eyes upon waking. Fear of darkness abandoning [+]

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If you asked me what I would be doing on Halloween night, I never would have thought the answer would be "Oh, nothing much. Just setting Timberly's husband's body on fire in the woods."
(Sorry [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU Through the Woods
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This unbearable fog makes home onto the lens of my glasses and I can feel my perspiration dripping down my chest. Oh god, I really hope that's my sweat and not the spindly fingers of an unknown [+]

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Time stops for no one, but memories live on.
He brushes his hand over the dusty iron bars of the gate, palm coming back ashy and dark. The smell of damp shifts through the air, filling his nose [+]

Winner - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus
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The cheery yellow wallpaper seemed more dour lately- less like a quaint dandelion field and more like the pallid hue of a dying man’s cheeks. The lights always flickered and there was this infernal [+]

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“Gemma, are you nearly ready?”
“Coming, mom. Just give me a second.” The reflection staring back at me in my vanity is a bland young woman with minimal makeup, nicely braided hair, and pearl [+]